Halleen & Callisto. March 29, 2014.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

One of the goals of my new redesign (yes, still largely in-progress) was to have a way to show off some of my photos. I don’t consider myself a photographer. I don’t have the training, and I mostly just take snapshots for me, but I like the stuff I’m producing, and I want a place to share that with others (besides on third-party services).

I use my iPhone exclusively. I have almost no complaints about the iPhone 5s. It takes great photos right out of the gate and I think burst mode is a killer tool, even for shooting things with minimal movement. You can pick out just the right moment.

Is my phone the perfect camera? Of course not (I would kill for optical zoom), but neither was the point-and-shoot Elph I had before, nor the Polaroid cameras of yesterday, nor the old-timey contraptions at the turn of the century. Those devices produced photos of their era, and we still love them because they are tied to that time period. My photos look like iPhone photos, and I’m okay with that, because I shot them on my iPhone.

I process them with VSCOcam, which has beautiful presets to give just the right kind of mood or color, and good processing tools. I like this app because it’s opinionated, though I admit sometimes I find it a little too opinionated at times. (I would kill for a 16:9 crop ratio.) F1, C3, G2, and LV1 are my go-to presets.

  • I use F1 for calmer indoor shots and social occasions to give photos kind of a hip fashion magazine appearance.
  • I use C3 for outdoor shots, particularly in the forest, because it makes the greens lush and, really, more representative than what the iPhone typically captures on its own.
  • I use G2 for bright outdoor shots, or when browns and tans are more important than greens. (Interestingly, G2 was designed to be used for portraits.)
  • LV1 is good for indoors or outdoors and kind of combines F1 and C3, but with a lot more emphasis on bright blues, so especially good for sky and water.

So expect to see some more photos. This one is one of my all-time favorites. I took the photo while my friend was waiting to recover her own iPhone, which was accidentally taken from a dance club the night before. I used the M5 preset.

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