Revolt Puppy

I’m Justin McDowell, a designer and developer living in Olympia, Washington. I have over 20 years of experience on the web, including UX design, visual and UI design, and front-end development.

Selected Work

  • Washington Department of Labor and Industries (2019–Present)

    I’ve worked independently on several projects with Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries, along with other freelance developers, helping to improve a number of state government websites for its users.

  • The Evergreen State College (2012–2019)

    At Evergreen I worked on the Web Team as the sole front-ender, doing all design and front-end development for the website and related applications. I also led the UX Team in improving experiences for all of the school’s digital applications.

  • The Arbor Day Foundation (2005–2012)

    Previously, I worked in-house for the Arbor Day Foundation, a national non-profit that plants trees around the world. I did design, front-end development, and some back-end development on their website, as well as on several distinct foundation properties, such as a hotel, tourist attraction, and training program.

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    Additional Work

    I’ve done various other sites, logos, and design projects, but I haven’t made new pages for them yet. In the meantime, contact me if you’d like to see more examples of my work.

Selected Appearances

I’ve written for A List Apart and The Interconnected and have spoken at CSS Conference, Empire Conference, Cascadia Fest, and Devsigner Conference, among others.

Selected Writings

In addition to my professional publications, I also write on my blog. It’s often related to design or the web, or on the occasional personal diversion. Here are a few of my favorites.