I have some exciting travel coming up, starting last Friday. Work travel isn’t something I get to do very often, and even though it can be exhausting, it’s nice to take a break from regular routine and get stimulated in other ways.

Thursday I had a day off, and then Friday I flew out to Baltimore for a tree-planting event at Morgan University. Most of the time, I’m at my desk pushing code around on the website or sharpening photos, but every so often I get to get out and put my hands in the dirt. Except this time, I was mostly taking photos. A day later and I’m back home recuperating from some brutal weather. My shoes were soaked through, and I had to go the rest of the day, including two flights, in wet socks.

About a week later, I’ll be off to the east coast yet again for An Event Apart in Boston; three crazy days of web design. Just the kind of geeks I can really have fun getting down with. Last year, I got to meet up with old friends* like dylanw, naepalm and notorious digerati cartoonist cssquirrel, who happen to be residents of Seattle, where I attended the event. Even though it’s sold out, I’ve come up empty with Boston connections. I don’t know anybody who’s going to be there, besides the speakers, which I have to admit I still find slightly intimidating, even though they’re really just normal geeks like me (except maybe Andy Clarke). So if you’re going to be in the area the first week in May, send me a note.

Either way, I’m hoping to meet a lot of cool new people. Plus, I’m stoked to get some new raw denim jeans at a store that’s just down the block from where I’ll be staying.

And this doesn’t even cover a couple other tentative trips I’m planning before summer hits.

*Old in Twitter years, anyway.