I’m going to be speaking at Devsigner Conference in Portland, Oregon on June 27th and 28th! I’ll be giving my talk “Painting The Perfect Sunset: Better Colors For The Web” at 9:30 Sunday morning.

“Painting The Perfect Sunset” distills four of my articles detailing an innovative new method of presenting color for the web, along with some technological developments in CSS, into a 45-minute talk. It’s jammed with about 150 slides covering a variety of pop culture media, including some of my favorite movies and comic books, and relating it all back to mixing color intuitively and easily on the web.

I think it will be an especially good fit for Devsigner, because it balances the intuitive way visual artists work with color to tell a story with short snippets of Sass code that open up new technological and programmatic possibilities that we’ve never seen before. It’s the perfect mix of development and design.

To spread the word about this, I’ve been volunteering my time for some area meetups. Also, I’ve proposed this talk to a few different conferences. I haven’t heard a lot back from them, because, while there are tons of new conferences springing up, there’s a lot of competition in the industry. I’m not a big name, nor a super-experienced public speaker, so it’s a challenge getting others to listen. I was provisionally accepted to speak at a conference in the Midwest, and I spoke on behalf of my team for a proposal we submitted together, but this is the first time my very own talk has been given the green light. I’m quite excited about it.

If you’re in the area, you should come check it out. Tickets are super-cheap: $65 for the whole weekend. If you’re already planning to be there, come to my talk at 9:30 AM Sunday, June 28th and learn something cool.