The new design I’ve put together here is not that old, but it’s already come a long way from where I started. There’s still a lot of work to do, but that’s fine. I’ve got time.

Previous iterations of the site have usually come at times when I was desperate to get something out there: I was applying for jobs, and needed a portfolio. I was pushing a new idea and needed somewhere to post it and keep it mine. This time, the change is mostly fed by my desire to have a site that better represents my new direction in design.

I had come up with the design late last year, but only started moving on it after I got back from Europe and needed to take a couple weeks to chill out by myself. When I launched it, to say it wasn’t ready would be an understatement. Lots of broken links, out-of-control images, and aging content made it barely worth visiting. Just tonight I added a few styles to take advantage of wider displays. Previously, the whole thing really only looked acceptable on a mobile device that was not wider than the one in my pocket.

I tweeted my recognition of this fact shortly after going live:

I redesigned my website, and it is a MESS. But I need this monster to be alive so that its tortured screams will remind me to fix it.

This monster’s screams happened to be pretty good motivation, but still I’m taking it very slow and steady. Some days, I’ll do some significant reorganization of content, and others I’ll tinker for just fifteen minutes on a bit of CSS. As a mantra oft-recited at work goes, if it’s better than what was before, just go with it. This site will never be perfect due to limitations of the web, my content management system, and even my own personal skill set. But it’s better than not having anything at all, and being okay with that means turning stress about what could be into enjoyment about what is.

Bit-by-bit I’m pacifying the monster. Maybe someday it’ll even have a beauty all its own.