A tweet from my brother sparked a flurry of tweets on my own account today, regarding my thoughts on the Couchsurfing experience: what it was like when I joined, and what it’s like now. It was a string of tweets linked together through the hacky process of replying to each following tweet and deleting my @-username off of the beginning of each one. After I was finished, I had quite the rant going. Then I thought to myself, why did I tweet that?

After all, the reason I’m now in the midst of cleaning up a newly re-designed website is so that I could publish more material on my own platform.

Granted, this place is still kind of a mess, which is embarrassing. And I’m kidding myself if I think more people are going to read any given thought here versus on my Twitter timeline. But really, that’s all beside the point. My writing on either site is for me above anybody else. Jumping to post on Twitter—especially when I’m already there, reading the latest news—is a habit. I’ll need to break that habit to even begin to get traction here; not audience traction, but my own personal traction.

That doesn’t mean I’m leaving Twitter. Far from it, but Twitter has never been a good place for long-form writing. I hope it never is. That would take away so much of what makes Twitter what it is. For now, I just want to make Revolt Puppy what it could be.