If you’re one of presumably very few people who visit my website on an even semi-rare basis, things may look a little unfamiliar to you all-of-a-sudden.

I've been meaning to update my website for quite a while since, in the last couple months, I:

  • Was interviewed on A Responsive Web Design Podcast.
  • Traveled to Europe.
  • Went to Smashing Conference in Los Angeles.
  • Gave a talk at Code Fellows in Seattle.
  • Hosted a rousing eighth birthday party for my dog.

…I thought I would take an opportunity to slow down a bit and put some time in on getting this old clunker back together. And now is a fortuitous time to do that because, well, look at that list up above. I can barely point to links anywhere about any of that! I need a place on the web for myself, that’s all my own, that I can share with the world in some small way.

Please pardon the mess. This is truly revolting right now. I’ve got mobile styles applied at all screen sizes and many of the links are broken as I migrate things around from the old to the new. When all is said and done, however, all of the permalinks should remain the same, unless I’ve done something particularly ill-conceived.

Revolt Puppy will be back better than ever, sooner or later. Please bear with me and, in the meantime, enjoy some updates.