I’ve joined the ranks of Spotify users since its US launch back in July and I think as a service, it’s pretty incredible. It’s sort of like Netflix for music, allowing you to stream tons of media, except that instead of paying a monthly fee, you get it all for free by enduring terrible ads every few songs. I say that with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, because really Spotify is a great deal for users.

There is one thing that bugs me about the program that I wish they’d fix right away. It’s incredibly difficult to close the program. Normally on Windows, if you want to close a program, you just click the big red X in the top right corner, right? Well Spotify doesn’t obey your command. To them, the X means minimize or hide the window.

Even though every program ever written closes (or at the very least minimizes to the system tray—still disagreeable, but slightly less so) when that button is clicked, Spotify breaks the pattern and does something unpredictable.

Spotify Aero preview

They take their disregard of the Windows UI even further once Spotify is settled into your task bar. When you hover over Spotify, an Aero preview of the window comes up, and from there you should be able to close the program with the red X, but again, nothing actually happens. If you right click on it to bring up the contextual menu, again you’ll see “Close Spotify” sitting at the bottom, but that actually minimizes, as well.

Spotify context menu

Now, as a user, I’ve tried to close this program three times using many of the common methods that you’d expect results from, all for naught. This is incredibly frustrating. The correct answer to this riddle is to find the menu item that says “Quit Spotify”, but this works against the ingrained patterns understood by Windows users. Every single time I try to close Spotify, I go through this process, because it’s the only program that decided that close doesn’t mean close.

I’ve sent a couple messages asking for this to be fixed, but have never gotten a reply. I won’t hold my breath, but maybe they’ll someday soon they’ll see how wrong they are.