Portrait by Marcus Tegtmeier.

“Revolt, puppy, revolt!”

These are the words spoken by a grizzled old punker in a comic book I created but never found the time to finish. I liked the notion enough to build my site around it, though. I even had it etched into my arm.

“What are you revolting against?”

The list is long. Here are just a few. Revolt against stagnation. Revolt against your traditions. Revolt against your accumulated possessions. Revolt against your assumptions. Revolt against the patriarchy. Revolt against politics. Revolt against your space. Revolt against your pride. Revolt!

A revolt doesn’t have to be violent. It doesn’t have to be ugly. It can be, but it can also be quiet, and slow, and beautiful. Find the right answer for the right time. That is revolt as design.

Sometimes, I just want to write something and sometimes I just want to try something new. That is the purpose of this revolution.